Welcome to New Baby City.

Our mission is to provide parents with all their newborn babies’ needs.  We are here to help parents raise their children with care, safety and comfort, and that is brought about by offering professional guidance in making the right choices, providing quality and dependable products, and lastly, but not least, giving our best performance to provide the most excellent customers service.

Our story goes all the way back to November 17, 1997, when we decided to go on our way by opening a 100 sq. meters’ shop, with just one baby cot, two strollers and a high chair.  A highly competitive market where, other than our dedication to succeed, we had nothing really special to show. The big question that needed an answer, was why and what would make customers visit to our shop?

Our quest in getting a response to the big question was launched by analyzing the market and our competitors for their strengths and weaknesses.  To our surprise, we discovered that customer service was relatively poor and for some reason, pushy sales tactics were booming, and literally stuffed customers with items that weren’t really essential in raising their kids!!!  Right there we knew how we would proceed!!  Main goal as of that day has been to provide parents/newborns with just what they need and carry that out with top quality customer service before-during-after sales.

Even though too small back then, we committed ourselves in providing the finest products that every parent needs in raising their baby as best as possible.  It wasn’t easy though, main problem was that we had zero brand distributions of our own and consequently we had to rely on local distributors for all the products we offered, which was limiting our options in terms of pricing and stock availability.  We needed to find some of our own to import.  We started attending international fairs, but wherever we knocked doors, they were shut for us newbies.  We kept banging at them till we got some attention, and finally some of them shared our vision and gave us a chance.

Staying focused on our goals and sticking to our vision, things picked up, and twenty-two years later we have managed to represent and distribute around forty brands.

With respect and loyalty to our customers, and with your valuable support we have managed to grow in time.  Today, we operate in all major cities, something that allows our customers to benefit from our services all over the country.  We aim to be the most excellent at what we do and this is carried out by bringing to the market a wide selection of leading International brands with award winning baby products, that will satisfy every one of you who is looking for quality, service, and safety.  Provide you parents with just what you need for your babies!

New Baby City stores offer products to better meet parents’ needs and children’s dreams. We are simply the answer to all your questions when expecting a newborn.

The Number One Baby Store in Cyprus.

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