Baby Car seats are simply the most important purchase you will ever have to make for your precious ones. Starting with a baby’s very first journey home from the hospital, you are responsible for ensuring their safety during travel. Therefore, when choosing your baby’s car seat make sure you will make the right decision. Do not rely on the price, even though we can understand this could be an issue nowadays, but instead make your decision is based on the fact that the baby car seat of your choice will meet all the safety standards and hence provide enough protection in case of an accident. Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death in children and more kids are killed in automobile crashes than in any other type of unintentional injury.

Choose the right baby car seat and you can protect your kids by following simple safety measures and by teaching some basic rules.

Importance of Child Safety Seats

Using a baby car seat is the best protection you can give your child when traveling by car. Baby car seats in Cyprus are required and mandatory by Law — and with good reason. Baby car seats can reduce the risk of a potentially fatal injury substantially for babies and toddlers.

When choosing any baby car seat, following some general guidelines will help ensure your child’s safety. The best car seat is not always the most expensive one — it’s the one that best fits a child’s weight, size, and age, as well as your vehicle.

Once you select a baby car seat, be sure to try it out, keeping in mind that store displays and illustrations might not show the correct usage. It’s up to you to learn how to install a car safety seat properly and harness your child for the ride.

If you need help installing your safety seat or would like a technician to check whether you’ve installed it properly, please apply to one of the Baby Car Seat specialists in Cyprus (NEW BABY CITY STORES).

Important reminders

  • Be a good roleMake sure you always wear your seat belt. This will help your child form a lifelong habit of buckling up.
  • Make sure that everyone who transports your child uses the correct baby car seat orbelt on every trip, every time. Being consistent with baby car seat use is good parenting, reduces fussing and complaints, and is safest for your child.
  • Never leave your child alone in or aroundAny of the following can happen when a child is left alone in or around a vehicle. A child can– Dieheat stroke because temperatures can reach deadly levels in minutes.
    – Be strangledpower windows, retracting seat belts, sunroofs, or accessories.
    – Knock the vehicle into gear, setting it in motion.
    – Be backed over when the vehicle backs up.
    – Become trapped in the trunk of the vehicle. 
  • Always read and follow the manufacturer’s If you do not have the manufacturer’s instructions for your car seat, write or call the company’s customer service department. They will ask you for the model number, name of seat, and date of manufacture. The manufacturer’s address and phone number are on the label on the baby car seat. Also be sure to follow the instructions in your vehicle owner’s manual about using baby car seats. Some manufacturers’ instructions may be available on their Web sites.

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